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Wedding venues can either be outdoor or inside but that all depends on what the couple actually wants and largely on the number of invited guests. Indoor venues are mostly done in the different halls around the country and hotels depending on the couples’ budget at hand. The uniqueness about an indoor wedding venue is that you do not have to worry about the weather and the decoration can easily be done in an indoor venue although in most cases it limits the number of people who would be invited.

Outdoor weddings are trending on the market now in Uganda. Most of the outdoor venues are spacious and since people want to invite almost all their friends and family, this might be the best venue to choose for quite a large number of guests on a wedding. There are many venues to pick form mostly if you want to experience the good nature and blissful weather in the greenery.  Every couple wants the perfect garden wedding and the few tips to put in mind when choosing an outdoor wedding are listed below:

1.     Weather

The weather immensely dictates on the venue to use during a wedding. Before choosing a venue, find out whether they have any provisions for the harsh weather conditions like heavy rain during the function. You should also avoid muddy venues just in case there is a change in the weather.

2.     Accessibility

The best venue for an outdoor wedding is one which will be easily be located by both the guests and the service providers. It should not be very far away from the roadside so that the service providers who take the trip back and forth preparing the venue don’t get too many difficulties and the guests both using personal cars and those who are using public cars also find it accessible.

3.     Availability

Before you make a down payment on the venue after deciding which one to use, ask the mangers whether the day you have booked is available since most venues cannot hold two or more functions in a day. Therefore you should make sure that on your preferred date there is no other function.

4.     Budget

Find out the different services offered at the venue and whether you can actually afford to pay for the venue. When acquiring a venue, you should stick to the budget and avoid incurring extra costs on the venue. If the venue does not provide some services and your forced to incur costs on them from outside, then try to look for another venue that can offer those services like tents, parking and security.

5.     Location

The venue should be a good sight to those who have come for the function. Location is important when choosing where one would want their reception to be. You should consider a venue which is spacious enough for the guests so that they don’t feel cramped into a tiny area, it should be located in a not so noisy area so that the proceedings of the wedding are much enjoyed by the guests and the venue should not be very far away from the church.

6.      Read the Recommendations and reviews

You should read through the reviews written about the gardens and ask around for recommendations before deciding on which venue to use.  Search the internet and look through the venues and their reviews, this helps narrow down the places that you can use for an outdoor garden wedding.

7.     Consider the lighting

Lighting at a venue is one of the most important things that should be considered before securing a venue for your reception. Poor lighting can kill off the décor irrelevant of the fact that it is good. Once the lighting is off, everything fails to attract the eye of the guests, so consider lighting at the venue.

8.     Consider the Size of the venue

The size of the venue should be slightly bigger than the number of guests that have been invited so that the uninvited guests are also catered for and the gardens should also have available parking space which will ensure security of the vehicles parked.

Even though most people think that venues are the most easy to deal with on a wedding, it is one of the hardest and yet most important item on a wedding budget. If a couple fails to select or agree on what the venue, they should compromise and go with what is available since the most important is marriage.