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A wedding ring is a sign of commitment that you show to each other and is put on forever and you would actually want it to fit for as long as you put it on.  A ring is put on a specific finger and this carries a meaning that is the left hand ring bears the vein that leads straight to the heart and most people call it the vein of love and it connects the couple forever in love. Rings come in different sizes, shapes and color and some off the wedding band types include the following:

Plain wedding rings

These are the most used type of rings and are either yellow gold or platinum with zero design on it. It has a classic look with a simple plain touchand can easily be got on the market in Uganda. The beauty about the plain ring is that it stays on one’s finger for eternity without depreciating.

Comfort fit

This is designed in a way that less metal touches the finger of the person who is putting it on and its designed in a way that it  has an oval cross section and rounded interior which gives off a comfortable feel on ones finger.

Half round ring

This is the most traditional ring that has been used since time immemorial. The inside section of the ring is either round or flat shaped and it has a brilliant classic look. Those who want to experience both traditional and classic look should try this out.

Diamond wedding rings

These have a set of diamond surrounding them and they are sometimes used as eternity rings. They can be put on by both men and women and have a channel set of diamonds.

Color gemstone engraved rings

These are simple rings that have a touch of gemstone to add on their beauty. The gemstones come in different a color that is blue, pink, purple depending on the color that the bride loves.

Fancy wedding rings

These are specially made rings which have a engravings on them either with a name or date, symbols, or have unique designs on them. Gemstones can be used to increase the fanciness of the ring and most of the engravings used on the rings hold a specific significance to both the bride and groom.

Flat band ring

These are also known as flat pipe rings because of their top flat nature. They don’t have any oval shape on them and for those who do not want anything fancy this is the perfect ring for you.

There are also different things that one can consider that is the dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing a wedding ring that fits and that will be appreciated by your partner and these are listed below:

Search for the ring early

Searching for a wedding ring is not as easy as people think it is. The moment you propose start looking for the different for the styles available on the market, decide on what ideas you both like for a ring and ask a few friends who have wedding rings about the best type of ring to buy. The search for the ring should therefore start early for better results.

Stick to the budget

A budget is the most important thing to consider when choosing the right ring to buy for your wedding. Most couples get blown away by the beautiful stones that they find at the jeweler and they end up purchasing something that is way above the budget creating a dent in their finances. In order to avoid such a scenario, you should walk and window shop at different jewelers to see the different prices so that you can choose what fits in your budget.

Choose the perfect metal

Before purchasing a ring, you should decide on what kind of metal you would like to use that is platinum, yellow or white gold and after check and see if the jeweler has the metal that you want. It’s important to note that the money budgeted for the ring will determine the type of metal you will get.

Get the right size

Know the right size when purchasing a wedding ring. A small size will be too confining on the finger and might cause health issues and a big ring will slide off and can get lost easily. So in case you get the right design you want, go with your partner and find the perfect fit for the finger.

Get a long term ring

When purchasing a ring, make sure you get something that you will put on even after 50 years and it still remains a trending ring even for the grand kids and everyone who sees it after a very long time. It does not need to be trendy but it can be a vintage.

Know the taste of your partner

Knowing the taste of your partner lessens the burden of searching for a wedding ring. Ladies have different tastes and it’s not a must that you have to get similar rings, so if you get to know what she actually likes, it eases the search for the ring.

Match the engagement ring

If you are purchasing a wedding ring for the bride, make sure you match the wedding ring with the engagement ring in terms of color, design and style or else she will be forced to remove the engagement ring and keep it in order to wear the wedding ring, so in purchase of the wedding ring, compliment the engagement.

Search for a good quality ring

A good quality ring always has a trademark of the designer and with these you are guaranteed of something that is not a fake and sometimes warranties if the ring gets issues. The ring needs to have both the trade mark and the quality mark to ensure it’s genuine.

Find a practical ring

The best ring is one that will not inconvenience when one puts it on and has to take it off while doing some work. So if you are purchasing a wedding ring, be sure to choose one that will stay on the finger even when carrying out different tasks

Put maintenance of the ring into consideration

This mostly works when you have a stone filled ring that has diamonds, sapphires. The stones on the ring can get dust and they need washing and dusting from time to time. If you cannot maintain the ring then you have to get a less fuzzy ring that will not need a long process when it comes to maintenance.

There are a few questions that need to know when thinking about a wedding ring. Some of them might seem a bit traditional but they simplify the choice of ring that is needed.

Who buys the wedding rings?

Traditionally, the groom is supposed to buy the wedding rings though now days some couples actually share the cost of purchasing the wedding ring. But if the groom is purchasing the wedding ring then there a few things that they should put into consideration and they include the following:

  • If there is a family heirloom around, it is better to use that other than spending a lot of money purchasing another one. It might be out dated but you can easily take it to the jeweler and get it shined and fixed to fit the theme, this is another way of cost cutting too.
  • The groom should at least purchase the wedding rings six months before the wedding to ensure that they are secure and ready for the big day and to reduce on the excuses of the jeweler when they don’t deliver them or change the rings last minute.
  • The groom should also consider the type of job that they do including the bride. This helps determine which type of wedding ring to buy and to avoid buying rings that will need to be removed while doing your job.
  • Irrelevant of the fact that the groom is purchasing the rings, the shopping should be done by both the bride and groom in order to choose the best rings for both.

Are wedding rings to be picked by both the bride and groom?

Yes, the couple should choose the wedding rings together since this ring is going to be put on for a very long time and it needs to be of a mutual taste by both parties. This helps out to choose the right stone, color and size of the ring.

A good wedding is an admirable thing to see on one’s finger and the magical myths around it gives off respect for the person wearing it. Be it that it was in church, the beach, the court house as long as you have a wedding ring on your finger, it’s a prestigious feeling. As you go out to shop for a wedding ring remember to follow the above ways on what to consider when purchasing them and good luck.