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Wedding Gowns in Uganda

You have been dreaming about the day you will get married from the time you were young and most specifically the gown you will adorn on that spectacular day. As you grow the styles of wedding gowns keep on changing and so does your taste from the design to the length of your tail and the hair. With the very many shops around the country providing wedding gowns both for hire and sale, you have a variety to choose from but it is not as easy as it sounds. A few tips on what to consider when choosing a gown are listed below

Consider your Size

When gown shopping, you should consider your current size that is if you go to shop for your gown, you should get a gown that fits the current size that you are in and if adjustments are needed, then they can be made a few days towards the function. This is a better option than assuming a small size of a gown that cannot be adjusted.

 Limit the shopping Entourage

When gown hunting you should make sure that the number of people that you are going to shop with is as minimal as possible. You can either shop with your maid of honor of a close friend, keep the number to two people this will ease the choosing of a gown.

Put Weather into consideration

You need to consider the weather when choosing a gown for your wedding. The ever changing weather in Uganda can shock you and ruin your day but to avoid this, you need to look for fabric that is not too light and not too heavy so that even when it rains you do not feel cold and during a hot weather your nit too hot. If you are so sure it will be a dry season then get a gown that is a bit light for the body and a not so heavy gown for when it’s a rainy season.

Purchase appropriate Underwear

This is highly undermined by most brides but it can end up ruining your gown. If you are going to put on a strapless gown be mindful of what your underwear looks like as you cannot put on a black bra in a white strapless gown. Once you zero point on the gown that you want to buy, purchase the underwear that matches with it because underwear can either break or make a gown.


Wedding gowns are not so easy to choose and brides end up choosing something that is way out of line and expensive. Below are some of the mistakes that brides make when choosing their wedding gowns.

Using a large entourage

When shopping for a gown, make sure you do not go with a lot of people as this will make the choosing of the gown a tiring process. A large entourage will keep on disagreeing on which gown you should choose because they all have their own tastes and preferences. In order to avoid such chaos, take two or one person who is truthful about everything and who will tell you whether the gown is good or bad.

Shopping late for the gown

Some people always think that they have ample time to go for gown shopping since there are many gown shops in the city but that’s not the case. The process is a long and tiring one where you have to move to the different shops to check out the prices and gowns that are available and the trending fashion. The bride to be needs more than four months to shop for the gown or else they end up with a gown that has been worn for more than three times and not what they really wanted.

Not putting the budget into mind the venue for the wedding

The venue of the wedding highly determines the type of gown you are going to put on. If you have your wedding in a cathedral, the gown will differ from the one you will get if it is along the beach. Most brides forget this and just get a gown as long as it’s the trending fashion which is a very big mistake.

Others deciding for you what to put on

We all that that one person who is so close to us and they are good at person but when it comes to a wedding gown it should be your decision on what you really want to wear and you should not let anyone else to decide for you what you really want because you might regret the decision they have made when it is too late to change your mind.

Incentive shopping for the gown

This normally happens for those who plan on losing weight before the big day. This is where one purchases a gown because they have been going to the gym and hope to be fit that day. You end purchasing a gown that is a bit tight and uncomfortable just because of the estimation of how you will look on that very day and this can ruin your big day.

Being too close and open minded

Most brides enter wedding gown shops with a design in mind and always aim to get exactly what they want but if you get the gown and it’s a bit off for your body then it’s better if you go with an open mind to other varieties of gowns on display but you should also not be too open minded. And if the gown is not available then don’t be too close minded about everything else.

Trying on too many gowns

When you try on too many gowns, the design that you came with almost dissipates and you end up failing to choose what you really want and that’s how you end up with an opinionated gown from the sales person and influence of friends and in a bid to avoid this, you should try on only necessary gowns not all that is shown to you.

Getting a custom gown

This needs a lot of patience from the bride and yet most brides towards that day are not that patient. A custom made gown needs someone who has a vision of what they really want and the best designer to make the gown. This takes a long time since sketches have to be redone in order to get the perfect gown and you might get the gown a few days to the wedding. A custom made gown requires a lot of money to make, trust in the designer and patience, so if you have neither it’s for the best if you forget a custom gown for your big day.

Shopping for everything at once

When gown shopping its best to stick to the gown alone and concentrate on the jewelry later on after you have gotten the gown. Odds are that you will be forced to buy accessories that actually don’t match with whatever you are going to put on that day and you end up buying unnecessary accessories that are brought by the sales person to improve the look of the gown that you are trying on.

In most cases the bride takes the limelight on the wedding but that does not mean that the groom should not also look good on that wonderful day. And to achieve such, the groom should put the listed guide below into consideration when shopping for his suit and the groomsmen’s suits.

Look for a good fabric

The fabric depends on how much one has budgeted for and the weather. Heavy fabric for suits cannot be used during hot conditions but a good lighter fabric can be used. The fabrics are all different and to choose the best, you need to start the search early and choose a fabric that you can put on even after the wedding.

Think about the tailor

After deciding on what fabric to use, then the hustle for the right tailor should begin immediately. There are many tailors around town but you should make sure that you get a tailor who can sew your fabric right. You can ask for recommendations from the different people to find out whether the tailor chosen is good.

Don’t hire the suit

If you have the money, then do not hire the suit but make a customized suit that you can put on even after the wedding. Hiring a suit might seem like a way of saving money but in the long run you make a loss since you won’t be able to keep the suit. But if you have a limited budget then hire.

Think about the color of the suit

The color of the suit should not clash with the decoration and the bride’s chosen colors for the maids. So before you think about the color of the suit, find out if it won’t be too much of a color clash with the decoration.