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How to reduce and cut costs on a wedding

Weddings are the most treasured events that one can experience in this lifetime. These can bea success or a disappointment depending on the organization of the day. If you want to have a lovely and good wedding, then you should budget according to the money that you have with the few steps below for better a planning:

Guest list

The best way to cut costs on a wedding is by reducing the number of guests that you want to come for your wedding. We all have very many friends that we would want to come and witness the big day but it’s not a must that everyone has to attend the big day. Best thing to do is invite those that have always been there for you and reduce on the number of guests. The less guests you have, the less the costs.

The wedding dress

The wedding dress is an important asset on the wedding day and we all dream about it for a long time. There is always that style and fabric that we want to put on but in a bid to save money you can shop for a design that is almost similar and enjoy your day in something that is cheap but nice.

The wedding suit

When shopping for a suit, make sure you get something that you can actually put on after the wedding. Most people purchase suits which are so expensive and cannot be put on after. Save costs by buying a formal suit which can be used long after the wedding day.


ho does not want a fancy invitation card for their wedding? The answer is everyone but in order to reduce on the costs you can go with a simple wedding invitation card as long as everyone gets to know about the wedding which is the most important thing.


Honey moon is a big determinant on whatyou are to spend on your wedding. Most couples want to impresseach other with the best destination for a honeymoon but if you want to reduce on you’re the costs of your wedding, the moment you realize you want to get married, start saving for the honeymoon before setting the date for the wedding or if not start looking for a good cheap place. What a save!

Wedding rings

Wedding rings come in different sizes and prices. The stone majorly determines the price of the rings and instead of getting the most expensive stone you can talk to your jeweler to make good rings with a stone that is relatively cheap.

The photography

When hiring photography, one needs to consider their pricing and limit the hours that they are going to spend when covering the wedding. The more hours they spend covering the wedding function, the more increment in the amount of money they are going to charge you for photography. So if you want to save more on photography, then don’t take them on when they offer their special services like portrait signing by the guests.

The catering service

Food is the most important thing on a wedding and it needs to be enough to feed everyone who has been invited to the wedding. You don’t need to have a full course meal on you wedding but you can provide what is necessary for the guests. If the drinks are limited, you can serve them with the food instead of placing them on tables.

Transportation of the entourage

This can turn out to be a problem mostly if you have a large entourage and you have to provide transport to the family members from the villages. With a limited budget, one should consider using inexpensive cars or it is even better to borrow cars from friendsand just fuel them reduce on the cost of hiring.

The flowers

If you want to save on the décor on the wedding, plastic flowers are the way to go. Plastic flowers are very easy to get around town and can be used in the home later.Those who want to use natural flowers can get them in bulk to saveon the costs of other decorations.

The reception area

Get a reception area that can meet your needs. If possible you can get a reception area that offers catering service, entertainment and the securityat the venue. This helps the couple not to spend their money on other service providers hence saving highly.