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Wedding cakes in Uganda

A wedding is almost incomplete without a cake. This is a focal point on a reception and wedding cakes vary with taste and size. Choosing a wedding cake and flavor is not as easy people assume it to be because it takes roughly six months to look and book for that perfect cake for your wedding. Selection of a wedding cake depends on things like flavor and design and few rules that you should do when it comes to a wedding cake and these should be noted seriously and they are listed below

Go for a testing

Tasting of the cake should be done in the last week before the wedding to make sure that the cake flavors being served on the wedding day is the one you ordered for. In most cases service providers often bring cakes that one did not order for, so in order to avoid such scenarios of receiving cake that you don’t want, cake must be tasted and by different people.

Know the different cake ideas

There are different cake ideas that a couple can use for their wedding like classic ideas, floral ideas and unique ideas. These help the couple and the service provider choose easily what they actually want and whether the service provider can actually bake the idea that has been chosen by the couple.

Decide on the budget

Wedding cakes are expensive depending on the flavor and the design that has been chosen by the couple but you can still order for a cake according to the budget made in order to avoid over spending on the budget. Discuss with the service provider and see what range you can actually work with for a good and delicious wedding cake.

Find a baker

This is harder since there are lot service providers in Uganda who bake cakes but for you to get a good one, you should consider the recommendations from the different people about their services and if they deliver on time. You should also put into consideration whether the baker shares your interests and if they are willing to accommodate you and your requirements.

Select a design for the cake

The design of the cake depends on the bride and groom. This can be got by reading the different wedding magazines, visiting the cake shows and watching different functions and let the baker know which design you want on time and get to know if they can make the design or not.

Find the right size of the cake

The size of the cake depends on the number of people you have invited for your wedding. A moderately big cake is an okay deal because then almost every guest will get a taste of the cake. The venue and your budget can also determine the size of the cake in that you cannot have a small cake when your venue is very big and the money allocated also determines the size of cake to be cut on a wedding.

Select the best and right frosting

Frosting on a cake determines whether the cake is actually going to be attractive to the eye or bad. You can choose the frosting that you want but be considerate of the colors being used on the frosting because they at least have to match with the decoration and pleasing to the eyes.

Limit the expectations

When ordering for cake design and flavor for your wedding don’t over expect things to be perfect like the way you want to be. This will immensely reduce on the disappointment and help you not to over think about the cake and to expect reality from your baker.

Coordination with the service provider

You need to coordinate with the service provider and find out whether they can bake the flavor and design of the cake that you want and get additional details of the services offered by them that is do they provide the wine glasses, the knife for cutting cake and the cake table. Knowing all these details determines whether you are going to spend more money on other things.

Finalize the delivery details

This is a trivial matter that is to be handled with urgency that is you need to know when the cake will arrive at the venue, when it will be set up and how it is going to be delivered. A wedding cake should be put up before any guests arrive so it should be delivered earlier to avoid inconveniences.