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Photography is the only thing that one can stay with after the wedding. Yes you might remember the food, the guests but the only tangible thing that shows you what a good day you had even after 40 years down the road. So good photography can bring back all the good memories and capture all those that you had even forgotten making it a good aspect to have on your wedding. There are very many things a couple should consider when choosing photography services and I have listed down a few of those things that need to be considered for good photography on your wedding.

Get reviews and recommendations

Before choosing a photography service provider, you should first look through their reviews and ask about their services from different sources and find out whether they are good or bad. It is recommended that you go with a service provider who has the best recommendation and reviews.

Look through their work

Visit their studios and check out their albums, videos, and all their work plus equipment thatis to be used during the wedding. Most people post photos that are no theirs on social media just to attract clients and they end up messing everything upon the d day, so the best thing to do is to go and personally check out what exactly they have at their office and whether it matches what you want or not.

Get a professional

Not all photographers are professionals some of them are into it for the money and in order to get the best person for the job, you need to search for one who will advise you on what is right and wrong and decisions will be made according to a mutual agreement. Therefore if you want good photography, then go with a professional.

Choose someone who shares your passion

The best photographer is one who won’t deviate much from what you want and shares your passion. A passion matches with the theme chosen for the wedding. In order to get the best product after your wedding and not be disappointed, you should get a photographer who can carry your passion into the still photos that you will see for the rest of your life.

Protect your budget

Much as you would want to get the best photography in Uganda, the best thing to do is to stick to your budget as you are choosing the service provider that you want to choose. Many couples get extravagant service providers surpassing their budget which causes a strain. If you want to enjoy your day with less stress, choose the best photography services which fit into your estimated budget.

Discuss the packages

Different photography companies have different packages and meeting with the different packages for the bride and groom. Discussing the packages given will give you a clear insight on how much you are going to spend since the different packages have different prices. Meet the photographers and get to know which one you can actually manage to get.

Meet the photographer beforehand

A meeting with the photographer will make you know more about the person who is going to take your photos, discuss what is needed from both parties and understanding the different dynamics that deal with photography and create a way forward for the big day. This gives a photographer the feel of what the couple wants on their big day and they endeavor to deliver what is needed of them.

Have a photo shoot engagement

Have pre wedding photos to make sure you get more comfortable with the photographer. A shoot engagement will make sure that you get the right poses, captions and what to exactly do on that day. Most photo shoots make you and the photography team becomes more acquainted and comfortable with each other.

Look for locations with the photographer

Most couples look for locations where they are to take their wedding photos from without consulting the photographer and this might cause a blunder on the day its self. A professional photographer will know the best places to recommend depending on the theme of your wedding and a decision made by the two will ease the work of the photographer and yield good results.

Book them for another event

If you want to know whether your photographer is as good as they say, book them to take photos on any engagement that you have planned before your wedding. This gives you a clue on how the photographer works and whether he is rightfully skilled for what you actually want for your wedding. This is the best time to get to know them better.

Discuss light with your photographer

The lighting of any place can either make your photographs look good or ruin all of them and in order to have good beautiful photos that capture those moments you need to discuss with the photographers about lighting for the photos. Most lighting depends on the theme being used and to get the right lighting, you need to discuss the professional photographer on the right lighting for the photos.

Clarify your rules earlier on

Every couple has a set of rules that they want to impeach on the service providers and in this case its way much better to tell the photographers what you really want exactly and the dos and don’ts of your function. This will give them an inkling of whether they will work for you or not.

Make sure the photographer is taken care of

When the photographer is taken care of, you will be sure to get the best results.  Moat couples rarely mind about the service providers when it comes to refreshments and this might cause them to work without enthusiasm. Make sure they get all the services other guests are entitled to plus security for their equipment.

Trust your photographer

By the time you choose your photographer, make sure you trust them b. trust them that will follow all the rules you have given them and they won’t disappoint you. A good and professional photographer will make sure everything is taken care of.


Wedding photography has different packages that is the photos and videography and these can be categorized into the following

1.     Videography

Videography also known cinematography on a wedding is done throughout the day till the function is done.  This is interactive and shows you what really happened on that day and it’s very important for the couple. There are many services offered during videography and they are listed below.

Same day edited lane

This is shown at the reception and it takes five to fifteen minutes and it shows the proceedings that took place in church for those who are at the reception.

Memory lane

This shows friends and family talk about the love the couple shares and its impact on them. This is also shown during the wedding since it’s a message for the couple from their friends and family.

Live feed

This shows a broadcast of what is taking place on the wedding at the wedding itself and it requires LED screens and projectors. It allows people who are far away from the couple to view what is going on easily.

Video output

This is delivered weeks after the wedding inform of a soft copy or DVD and it’s a joined story of the event with background music and it runs for the agreed time with the couple and it’s the most used in Uganda.

Love story

This is a short video shown during the wedding where the couple narrates how they met, their journey of love and what has made them strong till the day of the wedding.

2.     Photography

The photographers capture the function from the time you walk down the aisle to the reception area, the saloon sessions and after parties. There are also very many services offered in photography and they include the;


This is a collection of all the memories that were taken on that day. All the photos taken are sorted out and put into an album for easy viewing for the couple and friends who come to visit.

Soft copy images

These are delivered on a soft copy on DVDS, hard drives and depending on what the client wants, the soft copies can either be paid for or be delivered for free. This is a safe way to keep the video for the wedding in case the hard copy gets spoilt.

Wall hangings

The wall hangings are now trending and they vary from size to size and they include frames, portraits, boards and the price varies.

Pre and post wedding photos

These are taken before and after the wedding and this works for couples who might have less time while preparing for the wedding.

Guest book signature frames

These are customized books or frames where different people who have come for the wedding sign and show their love to the couple by commenting about how they feel about the day.