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Décor on weddings

Weddings are blessings and special celebrations to the couple and their family and friends. A wedding from the church to the reception venue needs good decoration that is catchy to the eye of everyone present during your wonderful day. When the décor is good on the wedding, it increases the beauty of the wedding photos and there are several options that can make beautiful decoration depending on how much one is willing to spend on their decoration. The most concentrated on part of the wedding during the decoration is the Stage Backdrop which is the center of the venue and it’s important to the couple and the photographers. Below are some of the different décor styles one can use to make their day colorful.

Curtain or fabric drops

This is one of the mostly used décor type in Uganda and it involves using cloths like chiffon, silk or satin of a chosen theme color that the couple wants. A combination of two colors can be used and this creates a unique design and compliment to the venue. You can also include floral, glass and light hangings and glass ware to the fabric to add to the beautiful touch.

Fresh Floral Backdrop

Different floral types can be used like marigold, roses, baby breath and jasmine depending on one’s preference. A floral backdrop is a beautiful arrangement mostly with fresh flowers and the floral arrangement will most definitely be dictated by the couples budget and the beauty of using a floral arrangement is that it easily blends with the surrounding be it the greenery or the hotel walls.

Paper Floral Backdrop

This type of décor needs lot creativity from decorators. Different colors of paper made flowers are used to decorate the whole venue against cloth backdrops. This is very pocket friendly as it does not take up a lot of money for a set p and the couple is free to look through the different design and sizes of the flowers to be used.

Wedding Altar and Mandap

These are majorly used during the main wedding ceremony in the different cultures colorful drapes and flowers can be used to decorate the altar a few lights since they add to the elegance of the altar. This is traditional way of decorating and it never gets old but better with years.

Theme Based Wedding Decoration

This type of décor depends on the theme chosen for the wedding. Every couple has a theme that they want for their wedding and the decorators use this to make the decoration at weddings unique. Some themes include movie settings, a car yard sale theme, a floral theme and all these create theme based décor.

There is a lot of wedding decoration accessories that can be used to add beauty and elegance to the wedding and below is a list of some of the things that can be used for decoration on a wedding in Uganda

Creative lights

The creative lights give a crisp and clear appearance to the backdrop and it gives off a modern setting for your wedding. Different lighting elements can be used depending on the venue and the coloring will depend on the theme colors.

Sparkling Crystals

These are mostly used by couples who love a touch of bling on their wedding.  Here crystals can be used by hanging them or draping them on either fabric drapes or trees. It gives an eloquent look and adds a unique beauty to the décor mostly if it’s draped with flowers along the aisle and it does not matter whether it’s outdoor or indoor, it always looks beautiful.

There are different ways and things to consider while choosing a decorator for your wedding and they include the following;

Consider your budget

A budget is the most determinant of whom you will choose for decoration but most importantly you should note that a good decorator can work within the means of the budget you have made and still come up with good décor for your wedding. Decide on what to do with the decorator and plan within your budget to avoid disappointments.

Personality and Compatibility

You should choose a décor company according to whether they match your requirements that are needed for the wedding. Make sure you share ideas and that your ideas are almost similar, this will make sure you tolerate each other and can work out the differences to come up with better  décor types to be used.

Find out the reputation of the decorators

Recommendations are a key mostly if you are looking for the best decorator around the area. Find out from the different people how they find the different services offered by the company, their prices and also look at their negative reviews. This helps you find out whether you will be able to deal with hem just in case a mistake happens and if you can’t, then look for other decorators.

Question their transparency

A good decorator will tell you how they operate, their payment plans, schedule, cancellation fees, what they can manage to work with and their prices. This will give you an insight on what you have to spend on décor but if they are being shady about their prices, then get others because they might ask for extra costs before the function causing you to spend more.

Get creative decorators

Before settling on décor, make sure the service provider is more than creative. Look out for one who can exceed your expectations and create a unique experience for both you and your guests and good décor improves the quality of the photos and videos.

Passionate decorators

A passionate decorator will never disappoint you because they will want to do more than what you have told them. They always share the couple’spassion and try to bring it to life so if you are a passionate couple, choose a decorator who loves what they do and shares your passion.

After knowing all about the different types of décor and how to choose the best décor service provider, we need to know what you should do to have good décor even with less money and the following tips can make your dream come true of beautiful décor on you wedding but with little money.

1.     Display flowers

Flowers irrelevant of whether they are natural or plastic always get a catchy feel from the guests as long as the colors are chosen blend easily. Different sizes can be used to take more space on the backdrops from small to large flowers. If you have a limited budget then a flower budget is the best way to go for decor your wedding.

2.     Use fabric

You don’t need to use the most expensive fabric for the best décor, just get simple fabric and add a touch of flowers and a bit of glitter. This combination is inexpensive and is elegant for a wedding.

3.     Use candles for decoration

A candle lit reception is one of the most romantic parties. It creates a lush and beautiful environment for the couple and the guests and even if its lit by a little more than a hundred candles, the light given off by the candles creates serenity and candles are not expensive. For the romantic couple, try a candle lit reception for your wedding.

4.     Infuse feathers into your wedding theme

If you want a touch of uniqueness with less money spent on decor, add feathers to your décor theme and you will achieve it. These can be bought in bulk at different craft shops in different coloring and they can be hanged on the walls and fixed on the tables to get an elegant look.

5.     Decorate with ribbons

Ribbons can be got anywhere around the city and its very easy on the wallet. Get help from a few friends and the decorator and cut up the ribbons and start decorating the walls and the chairs. Tie the different matching colors of ribbons on the tables and chairs on the venue. This also brings out an elegant look on the wedding day and less worry about the money to spend.

There are different wedding theme ideas that one can decide to use and some of the few themes that can be used and can save moneyare:


The black and white theme

During a black and white wedding, the guests create their own decoration and this means less decoration at the venue for the couple that day.

The seasonal theme

A seasonal wedding can save the couple a lot of expenditure on the decoration since people decoration is according to seasons. It doesn’t matter when the wedding is set but you can decorate according to Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other seasons. All you need is to follow the season.

Wedding decoration turns the reception into a beauty but irrelevant of how fancy you want it to be, it should not be that expensive, so plan accordingly and have fun preparing you decoration.