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The groom and grooms’ men

The groom and his men have one thing in common, the suits and showing up for the wedding on time. The time that one takes when they are choosing groom’s men depends on how the groom approaches someone and that is why we are looking at their role on a wedding. It is not a must that one needs to have groom’s men at their function but if you want them then below are some reasons as to why they are needed.

What is the role of groom’s men at a wedding?

Groom’s men have different roles and some of these include the following:

  • Groom’s men are supposed to help the groom choose what to put on at the wedding.
  • The groom’s men are supposed to help in organizing the bachelor’s party for the groom.
  • They also help in carrying the gifts brought at the reception by the different guests.

The ongoing trend is that all groom’s men have to pay for their own wedding suits and other expenses that they are told about when it comes to a wedding like salon, hotel fees and transportation incase they are not staying at the same hotel.

The journey to choosing the best suit for you and your groom’s men starts when she says I do. After this wonderful answer you need to start looking around to find the suitable people who will be with you when it comes to your wedding and the perfect suit for the day. Brides are known to fuss over the different things like the gown, changing dress, jewelry but this is not the case when it comes to the men. All they need is to find that perfect suit, right haircut and matching shoes and they are good to go.

When should you start looking for the perfect suit?

Shopping for a suit for your wedding might turn out to be a disaster if you are not readily prepared. Most people like shopping online but there are disadvantages of getting such clothes since most of them are delivered in the wrong sizes or color. A suit comes with a lot of different pieces and these include the following with details of how you can get them.

Selection of the shirt

When selecting the color of the shirt, let it be plain white because it will match with the color of the trousers and coat. But if you want other colors for the shirt you can choose them for the groom’s men since less attention will be given to them.

Do not think about putting on stripped shirts, checked shirts since these will actually look funny on your wedding day. But if you do not want to risk, it is better to go for white plain shirts to avoid mishaps on your day.


The cufflinks issue

Cufflinks are not so important but if you want them, you should be able to choose cufflinks that are bright and can easily match with the shirt that you are putting on. You can also get cufflinks that match with the tie or bowtie to complete the look. Although they add elegance to the groom’s look if you cannot manage to get the good ones please leave the cufflinks alone.

Decide on either a waist band or waist coat

Most grooms go for the waist band because it is easier to just remove the coat during the changing period so that they do not waste money on getting an extra shirt while changing. It will depend on your preference but either of them can work for you in an excellent way.

To use a bow tie or a tie on your wedding

Bow ties and ties are made to complement the shirt that someone is putting on. These should all have a slim band so that they can easily match with the suit that you have chosen or the tuxedo. If you decide to use either of the two, make sure that the groomsmen are also putting on the same so that there is uniformity when it comes to dressing up on your wedding day.

To use pocket squares or flowers

A pocket flower is quite unique since it is rare to find guests using pocket flowers on other people’s weddings so it will make the groom stand out from the crowd and if you are to use pocket squares you should get one that actually matches the tie or bowtie. Pocket flowers always come in the small sizes so that they do not over shadow the rest of the suit that the groom will be putting on.

Loose or tight trousers

A groom doesn’t need to get loose or tight trousers all you need is to get something that is moderate so that they do not look too tight or too big for you. You and your boys should have proper adjustments made to your suits so that you are able to walk, sit and dance comfortably.

In order for the groom and hos tem to get the best trousers for the wedding, most people have resorted to using custom made suits so that they do not go through the hustle of hiring suits.

The groom’s and the groom’s men shoes

Just like women when it comes to shoes, the groom and his team has to up their game when it comes to the choice of shoes that they are going to put on. The best shoes to put on should be blending between leather and a bit of shine because they will be easy to clean and look good on any one. The shoes can come in the different colors as long as they do not clash with whatever they are putting on.

Before you decide on when to go shopping for your suit, there are a few things that you need to first consider and I have listed some of these so that you do not tire when looking for that perfect suit.


  • Choose the best color for your suit

There are no definite colors when it comes to shopping for the suit all you need to know is the color that matches your skin and you are good to go. Do not forget that when you are choosing the color of your suit and those of the grooms’ men, you need to at least get a color that will not clash with the ladies. There should be something common between the grooms’ men suits, yours and the bride’s maids’ dresses in terms of color. The colors chosen for your suit should at least match the changing dress of your bride.

Something else to consider to when choosing the color of your suit is the theme color of the day. Choose a color that will easily correspond with the theme color of your wedding. And with this you will never go wrong.

The other point to note is your skin color. The tone of your color will determine the color of the suit that you will be putting on when it comes on your wedding day. If you have a dark tone to your skin, it is advisable to put on something with a light color so that it brings out your tone and for the light skinned ones you can still go for the dark colors.



  • Look at the pricing of the suit

The price of the suit depends mostly on the type of material you are going to use and the place where you are going to purchase your suit. Some people prefer it if they get custom made suits on their wedding day so that they can use them even after the day is done. These are a little bit expensive but the good thing about it is that you will be able to use them for a long time.

You can still hire a suit from the different shops around town or buy one though when it comes to this it is hard to get one that fits exactly your needs and some of them are expensive depending on where they were imported from. Just be sure to get a suit that has a good fabric and easy to clean.

Does a groom and his men need to change at the reception?

It is not necessary for the groom and the groom’s men to change but if they have the finances, they can change into something else although in most cases they just need to shade the coat off and stay in their shirts.

Many grooms and their groom’s men tend to do last minute shopping for their suits and this results into them getting the suits at an overly priced range and they might end up taking the design that they did not want in the first place. Therefore it is advisable for the groom and his team to start looking for the suits that they want earlier on so that they have a variety to choose from.