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A wedding is almost incomplete without food in Uganda. There are two types of weddings in Uganda that is the traditional wedding and the church wedding and both need more time to deal with food issues and how much to give the catering service providers for a good service. Good food is hard to find on the market but with good service provider, food can turn your wedding from a boring one to the best wedding that one has attended in their lifetime. The food has to be prepared according to the specific measures in order for it to be the best. In Uganda if your wedding has minimal or bad food, no one will remember what whether you were smart in church, the only topic will be about the food at the end of the day. And now with all this, one needs to make sure that the food being served is the best and should know what to follow when choosing a catering services provider.

There are many things to consider when choosing a catering service provider and there are different types of catering offered at weddings which provide a unique setting on the weddings and these include the following

The bite sized dinner

Also known as the cocktail style, this setting normally works for a small gathering and people don’t normally sit down as they are free to roam around mingling with other invited guests. Here guests can get a bite of the different snacks provided. This saves money for waiters and you get to talk to your visitors easily and it’s a good choice for couples that want a casual atmosphere and the good thing about this is that it takes minimal space taking up little amounts of money to be used for the venue and the food.

The plated dinner

During the plated dinner, the guests are allowed to choose from a menu and there are waiters to come and serve what they have asked for. It’s a bit formal but creates a sense of organization at the wedding and you can easily tell how much you are going to pay for the catering. It’s a traditional dinner which saves money because then the caterer knows how much to prepare because they have the exact number of people who are supposed to attend the wedding.

The family style

During the family style type, guests stay at their tables and they serve themselves with the food that is placed on their tables where they seated. No servers are needed since the serving is done by the guests themselves. It limits the number of people that are invited because of its expensive nature but for those who can afford it, it’s the best type of catering for a wedding and it gives an impressive family setting, its intimate and its quick and efficient creating more time for more parting during your wedding although you will need a lot of space and the caterer will have to prepare more food just in case it runs out since the guests get to serve themselves with all the foods that they want.

The buffet setting

This is the most used setting on weddings in Uganda where food is set up on tables and here the guests get to choose whichever type of they want to eat and since the couple cannot tell how many people will come unexpected, the catering team has to estimate and cook for more extra people. It’s an excellent way to serve people even those that come late during the function but it’s the most reliable in Uganda.

The stations setting

Here the guests can easily serve themselves with the food that is placed on the tables with different dishes and the guests can serve themselves according to their time of convenience.  There are fewer lines which gives them time to mingle with others and get to taste the different types of food served. It also adds glamour to the wedding setting and theme.

The food trucks choice

This is a unique setting where the food served is brought and served from the trucks on the wedding. It’s rarely used but it will give guests a new experience and it gives them a chance to taste the different types of food that are served from the trucks. It’s a bit expensive and hard to get.

There are a lot of things to consider while choosing a catering service provider for your function and these can either make you choose the best or the worst service providers and some of them below show you what to consider before choosing a catering service provider.


See the samples of the food prepared

You can always get a sample book of what the service providers can cook and the layout of the serving points before concluding the choice of which catering service will do the job. If possible have a taste of the food that is going to be served and it’s also important to talk to the managers of the catering company to see whether the food that you want can actually be provided.

Find out the reputation of the catering service

Before choosing a catering service provider, you should first try to learn from the different people who have used the same company or have heard about it. This will give a clear insight on what and how the company operates and whether you can use them or not.

Know the flexibility of the catering company

In order to avoid disappointments on your big day, you need to discuss with the catering service and find out if they are willing to accommodate the number of people just in case there is an excess number of guests and if there is an emergency whether they are willing to assist in any way. If they are flexible, then you can go with them but if they are rigid let them go and look for other service providers.

Plan according to your budget

Couples always want to create a good impression on their big day and the food served is not an exception and this is where the mistakes are made. They tend to go beyond their budget and end up with loans just to cover up for the services. To avoid all this, one needs to look at the budget of what they have and plan accordingly without extra costs and plan with the service providers.

Invite guests according to the amount of food prepared

Many times, the couple invites more people than the number discussed with the catering company and this creates a shortage of food on that day. Most couples forget to include other service providers on their guest list and yet they are also supposed to be catered for most especially when it comes to food. Therefore it should be noted that inorder for food to be at least more than enough the estimation of the food should be almost the same as the number of people invited.

Pay the service providers on time

When you pay on time, the catering company finds ample time to find the necessary things that are needed to prepare food for the wedding since a lot of time is invested when preparing for the big day and that’s why paying on time is important for less stress on that day.

Consider the types of dishes they prepare

Different catering companies offer and prepare a different dish that is local food, international dishes and snacks. There are guests who might require different dishes and are allergic to some or are vegetarians, make sure your catering agent knows what you specifically want on your  menu and whether they can actually be able to provide exactly what you want before hiring them.

Consider familiarity of the venue to the caterers.

The caterers should be well versed and familiar with the venue and should know whether there are any restrictions, policies or barriers at the venues that might hinder them from carrying out exactly what they should be doing. Most of the venues have their regulations which can affect the work being done by the caterers , so make sure they get to know about all this and decide accordingly before it’s too late.

Sign a contract with your service provider

This will ensure that everything that is done by both parties is legit and it ensures that they both know the terms and conditions of what is being done and how both should be involved in the function and what to expect if anything goes wrong. This acts like security to both the couple and the service provider which leads to good services during the function.

In conclusion, you choose and what type of setting you get for the your wedding after following the guidelines as long as it matches what you want and the money also dictates what catering service provider to choose from to work on your wedding.